What We Offer

Technology Services, LLC is an IP Solutions Provider specializing in the installation and service of Infrastructure Cabling, VoIP Phone Systems, Security Card Access Systems, Security Video Camera Systems, Sound & Paging Systems, Audio & Visual Systems, Wireless Systems, and Sound Masking Systems.

  • Datacenter design and installations
  • Cabling Infrastructure Design and Install
  • Existing Data Center and Network Patching / Equipment rack cleanup
  • Security camera system installs and service
  • Card access system install or repair
  • Security Access Card replenishment
  • Security analysis of your building and or office
  • System design for all of our Technology Solutions Products
  • Complete Technology move & relocation services
  • Circuit Provider Demarc extensions
  • Testing and Documentation for existing technology installs
  • Riser Facility and Conduit Cleanup / Mapping
  • Network switch and routers installs (rack & stack)
  • Communication closet rewiring and cleanup
  • Telecom site removal services
  • VoIP System Rollouts and moves
  • Regional or national technology rollouts
  • Tenant Improvements (TI) telecom moves
  • Campus or building fiber cable installation and testing
  • Call center cabling